Message from the CEO

In the Name of God
Health has always constituted one of the major and most sensitive concerns related to the human quality of life throughout the world. Accordingly, the health system has always been among the major strategic sectors of the industry. As one of the fundamental pillars of the health system, the pharmaceutical system has always been recognized as an important criterion for determining a country’s extent of development, leading the world countries to improve their international status through the development of their capacities in this area. After the glorious Islamic Revolution, the Iranian pharmaceutical industry has been consistently and rapidly moving toward growth and excellence resulting in self-sufficiency in this industry’s value chain in line with the requirements of a resistive economy and the significant active presence by the national pharmaceutical companies in advanced technology areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. This is achieved by producing a wide range of raw materials and pharmaceutical products which, in addition to meeting the domestic market needs, prepares the ground for domestic pharmaceuticals to enter the global market. This can, undoubtedly, improve the status of the domestic pharmaceutical industry and health system throughout the region and world.
As one of the largest national pharmaceutical groups with over 60 years of brilliant experience covering a wide range of the pharmaceutical system value chain including production, distribution, and trade, DarouPakhsh Co. constantly strives to achieve sustainable value creation, secure the interests of its stakeholders, and improve the public health level in line with its organizational motto “DarouPakhsh: the symbol of health and value creation” through the dynamic leadership of the group companies in the form of the strategic-oriented organizational excellence road map. To this end, the strategic orientations of DarouPakhsh are focused on sustainable value creating, improving stakeholders’ satisfaction, optimizing and improving the value chain efficiency, enhancing organizational procedure excellence, and creating synergy among organizational capitals. We pursue these goals by implementing modern management systems, state-of-the-art knowledge and technology, and specialized, committed human capital and hope to attain an innovative, knowledge-based, synergetic, superior, committed to stakeholders, and value-creator company through the insight, intelligence, diligence, and ceaseless endeavors of group companies’ managers and staff, in line with the goals of a resistive economy, maintain our privileged status in the national health system, and play a favorable and constructive role in the fulfillment of the national sustainable development.
We look forward to a bright future together.
Farshad Malekvandfard- CEO