Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. (public company)

History: As one of the largest producers of human and veterinary medicines in Iran and with a half-century history of production, Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. contributes significantly to the advancement of the national pharmaceutical industry. It began its operations in 1965 under the name of “Berlimed of Iran” and has currently implemented its quality control procedures in order to meet the national pharmaceutical needs at the highest quality level while complying with international production line and formulation standards, claiming a major share of the pharmaceutical industry market and the top producer of hormone medication
Mission:  With over half a century of experience in the field of health, Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Co. operates as a subsidiary of TPICO in human and veterinary pharmaceutical provision and key business, marketing, research, and manufacturing activities underlining state-of-the-art knowledge and technology and required quality infrastructures, and relying on its human capital and approved standards by national and international authorities in order to satisfy stakeholders and contribute to a healthy, vibrant society.
Organizational Motto: The honor of half a century of effective presence in the health system.
Contact Information
Address:No. 1, in front of the Shahr Hotel, at the corner of Tehranpars Junction, Tehran.
Phone : 77707173
Fax :77702066
Website : www.aburaihan.com
E-mail : info@aburaihan.com