Rank 50 among the Top 100 Iranian Companies and Rank 2 in the Pharmaceutical Material and Product Category in the 2016 Top Iranian Companies Ranking

Since 1998, the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) of Iran ranks the top Iranian companies each year. Inspired by the company’s mission, this ranking provides transparent and useful information and statistics on the country’s business establishments and the economic business environment, helping business establishment managers, policy makers, and researchers achieve a more accurate understanding of the scale, and financial and economic structures of large national industries and economic establishments.The list of top 100 companies is a collection featuring large Iranian companies that focuses on the configuration identification of large Iranian establishments alongside one another as IMI develops this list based on the national macro-vision. In other words, since the economic prosperity and decline of the largest Iranian companies will rapidly manifest at all national economic levels owing to extensive previous and subsequent relationships, IMI has formulated this list to offer an annual picture of configurational changes in large establishments, industries, and various economic activities based on reliable quantitative statistics.The dynamism, continuity, and acceleration of the development process of economic establishments and, consequently, the entire national economy depend on a complete and accurate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of economic enterprise activities. Since “strength” and “weakness” are relative concepts defined based on drawing comparisons, the comparison of the national industries and economic establishments in this list provides managers, policy makers and investors with a useful guideline and leads researchers to conduct studies on understanding the business environment from new perspectives.
In the 19th top Iranian companies ranking ceremony (based on the 2015 fiscal year information), DarouPakhsh Co. (public company) ranked 50 among the top 100 Iranian companies, and 2 in the pharmaceutical material and product category next to TPICO.