Biodarou Co. (privately held)

History: Biodarou Co. was founded in 2004 with the joint investment of Germany’s Biotest AG, Advanced Plasma, and Iran’s DarouPakhsh Holding with the idea of collecting plasma to be used in medicine production to heal the pain of a number of our fellow citizens, contributing to pharmaceutical self-sufficiency, job creation, and the transfer of advanced, state-of-the-art technical knowledge; experiencing great difficulties in achieving these sacred goals ever since. The company’s personnel feel honored to have managed to establish a center in our Islamic country that is unique in the country and across The Middle East in terms of the type of activity and the high international standards governing its activities. By implementing this advanced technology and the most rigorous international rules and principles, this company has taken a solid step toward introducing itself as a great example to follow in achieving the most difficult international standards.
Organizational Motto: Iranian plasma for Iranian patients
Contact Information
Address:No. 84, Shahid Ravanmehr St., Fakhr Razi St., in front of the University of Tehran main entrance, Enghelab-e Eslami St., Tehran.
Phone :66978549
Fax :66974732
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