DarouPakhsh Distribution Co. (public company)

History: DarouPakhsh Distribution Co. is a trading-service company that supplies, distributes, and trades a variety of human medicines, medical equipment, and cosmetics throughout the country. Formerly known as Distribution and Sales Organization and a subsidiary of DarouPakhsh Joint Stock Company, this company was dissociated from its parent company in 1996 and registered under the name of DarouPakhsh Distribution Co. (public company). With over half a century of experience, DarouPakhsh Distribution Co. has 20 distribution centers throughout the country.
Mission: DarouPakhsh Distribution Co. is a leading, competent company in the pharmaceutical medicines, medical consumables, and cosmetics provision and distribution at pharmacies and medical centers throughout the country. Relying on our committed, expert, and competent human capital and its glorious history, we provide customers and patients with easy, safe, and quick access to modern distribution and pharmaceutical services by complying with standards and using state-of-the-art knowledge and technology.
Organizational Motto: DarouPakhsh Distribution: distributing health
Contact Information
Address:No. 88, Babak Bahrami St., above Vahidi Dastjerdi (Zafar) St., Valiasr St., Tehran.
Phone :88790555
Fax :88791413
Website : www.dpdcir.com
E-mail : info@dpdcir.com