DarouPakhsh Veterinary Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. (privately held)

History: During the early 2000s, the variety of production capacities and levels, convergence of target markets, coherent, and standard veterinary drug sale and distribution led to the establishment of DarouPakhsh Veterinary Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. by DarouPakhsh, Zagros Pharmed Pars, Razak Labs., and Aburaihan pharmaceutical companies. DarouPakhsh Veterinary Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. began operation in 2009. As the largest specialized distribution company in the country with a bundle consisting of over 350 medicine items and vaccines developed by the group companies and other domestic/import companies, this company simultaneously distributes drugs throughout the country via its agencies and branches. Given the main subject of the company’ activity, i.e. drug supply and distribution, marketing operation arrangements, pharmaceutical and biological product as well as livestock/poultry feed sale, the most prominent characteristics of this group are its specialized, experienced sale and marketing staff, optimal warehousing, and distribution fleet in accordance with international rules and standards.
Contact Information
Address:No. 4, at the corner of the Nader Dead End, Parvin Alley, before Jamalzadeh St., Western Dr. Fatemi St., Tehran.
Phone :66945732-6
Fax :66946909
Website : www.ddvetco.com
E-mail : info@ddvetco.com