Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. (privately held)

History: Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. was founded in 2008 as a private held company to distribute pharmaceutical products aiming to exploit the existing potentials of Iranian provinces toward achieving smart and fast capillary distribution. Among the advantages of this company is its modern perspective on web-based, online medication sale system, increasing sale to a considerable degree.
Mission: The mission of Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. is based on continuous development and improvement of the distribution chain in the supply of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, and other relevant items. Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. is dedicated to elevate the national health system through quick and quality distribution of the specified items across active pharmacies and medical centers of the country in an attempt to meet the demands and expectations of all stakeholders in the best possible way. To this end, Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. strives to establish modern management systems, utilize proficient human resources, and incorporate modern technologies, innovation, and knowledge-centeredness.
Organizational Motto: Exir Pharmaceutical Distribution Co.: pursuing health
Contact Information
Address:No. 24, Bushehr St., before Bahar Shiraz St., Shariati St., Tehran.
Phone :77614314
Fax :77614314
Website : www.exirpd.com
E-mail : info@exirpd.com