Razak Labs. Co. (public company)

History: Razak Labs. Co. began operation in 1964 under the name Pfizer Labs. Joint Stock Company. After the Islamic Revolution, the company’s stocks were transferred to the National Iranian Industry Organization and the company was thus renamed to Razak Labs. Co. Razak continues operation as a public company and its stocks are listed in TSE. Utilizing expert personnel in the production of various human and veterinary medicines, Razak is a pioneer in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry. Razak’s human medicines are produced and offered in various forms including tablets, capsules, syrups, skin ointments, and topical gels in various treatment groups.
Mission: Our mission is to research, develop, and produce the best pharmaceutical products for the entire Iranian society. The end of this road is so far beyond that does not allow us to ever rest. We will carry out this mission ceaselessly to our maximum capacity.
Contact Information
Address:Tehran-Karaj Special Road, 10th kilometer, Tehran.
Phone :44525413-16
Fax :44515410
Website : www.razak-labs.com
E-mail : Razak@razak-labs.com