Zagros Pharmed Pars Co. (public company)

History: With over 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine production, Zagros Pharmed Pars Pharmaceutical Co. (public company) is one of the largest veterinary drug producing companies in Iran. This company was founded in the city of Borujerd in 1983 under the name of Damloran Pharmaceutical Co. aiming to produce veterinary drugs in collaboration with experienced, committed personnel specialized in veterinary, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, and various engineering concentrations. It was integrated with Razak Company’s veterinary drug production department in 2003 for synergetic purposes under the name of Razak Damloran Pharmaceutical Co. With the production of sterile human and veterinary medicines in 2014, it was renamed to its current label.
Mission: Zagros Pharmed Pars Co. is an innovative and pragmatic company in formulating and developing various types of medicine in domestic and target markets and seeks to promote public health to create optimal value for its stakeholders with the help of Iranian experts, acclaimed international companies and using state-of-the-art technology.
Contact Information
Central office address:No. 26, Nader Dead End, Parvin Alley, before Jamalzadeh St., Western Fatemi St., Tehran.
Phone :66908067
Fax :66908073
Factory address:After Andisheh Bridge, the ring road to Malayer, Borujerd, Lorestan.
Phone :803-06642300800
Fax :06642300804
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