Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co. (public company)

History: Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co. was founded in 1986 and put into operation by the establishment of a pharmaceutical unit near the city of Tabriz in 1991. This company pioneers the production of soft gel capsules, drugs used for organ transplantations i.e. immunosuppressive, dialysis, biotechnological products, and finally injection-ready Copamer syringes for MS patients, aiming to deliver the blessings of health, longevity, and vigor, meet the national pharmaceutical needs with the highest quality, open export markets using advanced technologies in production lines and product formulations, and control manufacturing processes in accordance with the latest global standards. The company’s pharmaceutical products are available in various doses in such forms as soft gel capsules, tablets, ampoules, hard gel capsules, and injection-ready syringes.
Mission: The primary mission of Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co. is to produce and supply a variety of quality human medicine to treat and improve patients’ health. Focusing on specialized pharmaceutical products through the use of advanced technologies, this company offers a proper quality of life for humankind.
Organizational Motto: Quality is our gift for health.
Contact Information
Central office address:No. 178, Western Hoveyzeh St., Shahid Sabounchi St., Shahid Beheshti St., Tehran.
Phone :88756014
Fax :88758735
Factory address:Serumdarou St., Tabriz-Tehran Road, 19th kilometer, Tabriz.
Phone :+41-36309401-2
Fax :+41-36309400
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